Today's glass wine

※ The following is an example. Please check the menu in the store for details.

【Foam】 Spumante 400 yen
Piedmont Dry and clear taste
【Rose】 Rosat 500 yen
Sicilian charming berry fruits are attractive
【White】 Fantini 500 yen
Abruzzo Fresh fruit and modest acidity, sweetness modestness, refreshing
【White】 Frascatis Superiore 650 yen
Lazio The colorful scent of fresh fruit. Acid and fruit harmonize mildly
【White】 Kaie Garo Ero 800 yen
Piedmont Dry! Fruity. Exquisite balance of acidity and fruitiness
【Red】 San Giorgio 500 yen
A nuance like jam of condensed fruits. Soothing acid and tannins
【Red】Ele 650 yen
Puglia dry and strong but smooth and rich in tannins
【Red】 Just Me 850 yen
Tanning and acid dissolve, and the texture is smooth

Spumante Champagne

Santero / Half size 【Pino / Chardonnay】 1,900円
~ Mouthfeel fresh, clean taste ~
<Material> Varieties: Pino Blanc / Chardonnay Origin: Piedmont (northern Italy)
Montebello 【Echiketta Oro】 5,200円
~ Nuts and toast aroma, dry green apple fruit taste ~
<Material> Variety: Prosecco Origin: Veneto (Northeastern Italy)
Berrukki 【Kube '61】 9,000 yen
~ Flavors of colorful fruit and toast, and a perfect balance of fruit and acidity ~

White wine

テアヌム【カステッリ ディ セヴィリーノ プーリア ビアンコ】
<素材>品種 トレッビアーノ、ファランギーナ 産地 プーリア
San Marzano 【Il Poomo】 2,900円
~ Fresh and fruity taste and citrus and herb aroma ~
<Material> Variety: Sauvignon / Marvasia Origin: Puglia (Southern Italy)
Podere 29 【Gelso Bianco】 4,400円
~ White fruit and fragrant herb aroma, firm volume, well-balanced acid ~
<Material> Varieties: Fiano Minutoro Production area; Puglia (Southern Italy)
Dante Rivetti 【Bricco d'Oro】 4,800円
~ Exquisite balance of fruit and sourness ~
<Material> Varieties: Arneis Origin: Piedmont (Northern Italy)
Don Nafgata 【Ansyria】 5,500 yen
~ Elegant and clean taste, pale colors of white flowers and citrus fruits ~
<Material> Katarat / Ansonica Origin: Sicily (Southern Italy)
Orim Bowda 【Gavi di Gavi】 5,500 yen
~ Citrus acidity harmonized, fresh and soft mouthfeel ~
<Material> Varieties: Cortese Origin: Piedmont (Northern Italy)
Poggio les Volpi 【Donnalucci】 6,400円
Aroma of ripe fruits and gorgeous white flowers, strong and elegant taste
<Material> Breed: Marvasia / Greco Origin: Lazio (Central Italy)
Sella & Mosca 【Telle Bianque Cube 161】 6,800 yen
~ The illusion of Sardinia. There is a sense of mineral, and the balance with the fruit taste is wonderful ~

Red wine

テアヌム【カステッリ ディ セヴィリーノ プーリア ロッソ】 1,900円
<素材>品種: 産地:
San Marzano 【Il Poomo】 2,900円
~ Violet, plum and other aromas, rich fruit and soft tannins ~
<Material> Type: Primi Bivo Origin: Puglia (Southern Italy)
Bodyle 29 【Gelsonello】 4,400円
~ Black berry aroma and black pepper, clove nuances. There is a sense of volume, dissolved in the fruit taste tannin ~
<Material> Varieties: Nero di Troia Origin: Puglia (Central Italy)
Paclavan Papi 【Prunice】 5,100円
~ A solid skeleton elegant deep smell, full body ~ not tired of drinking ~
<Material> Varieties: San Jobese / Bernese Sauvignon Origin: Tuscany (Central Italy)
Sandro Phi 【Costa Vassa】 6,000円
~ Violet like flowery scent, gentle and elegant drinking ~
<Material> Breed: Chiavennaska Origin: Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Orim Bowda 【Trigo】 6,900円
~ A nice balance of the aroma of black fruit and good acid and tannin ~
<Material> Varieties: Barbera / Fraisa / Neviolo Origin: Piedmont (Northern Italy)
Argioras 7,500円
Rich contrast of fruits and spices, contrast between rich and elegant extract and beautiful acid
<Material> Variety: Cannonau Origin: Sardinia (Central Italy)
Poggio les Volpi 【Baccarossa】 7,700円
~ A sense of concentration, smooth and powerful taste ~
<Material> Varieties: Nerlobono Origin: Lazio (Central Italy)
Sassicaia (Tenuta San Guido) 【Sassicaia】 32,000 yen
~ Sweet fruits, fresh tannins, rich acid spill over and overlying in a long finish ~
<Material> Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 85% / Cabernet Franc 15% Origin: Tuscany