Season, feeling of season, cherish freshness
Ingredients carefully selected

We offer fresh vegetables directly purchased from farmers, such as Kamakura vegetables and Miura vegetables. Please enjoy the most delicious seasonal vegetables.

We have prepared about 40 kinds of vegetables, and it is a simple dish that makes use of vegetables. You can enjoy the taste of vegetables by changing the recipe and combination. We provide a plentiful diet of vegetables that are often lacking to keep you healthy and beautiful.


A homely space
Even single person relief

The counter seat can be used widely and spacious.

Producing a more homelike space with a moderate BGM noise.
Please spend a pleasant time slowly while tilting the wine of our commitment.


Variety of Italian wines

When you want to "gab nomi(drink a lot of alcohol)", you want to drink a little at the second house, etc., wine is offered at the best cost performance for you to taste freely and enjoyably.

If it is bottled wine, it is changed according to the season, and it provides the wine which is ready to drink at that time. Whenever you come, you can enjoy your meal with new wine.

Please see the board in the shop for details.


Reserved 8 people-available

Our shop is reserved for 8 people. Up to 10 seated / 20 seated.

It is used for small gatherings and wine meetings.

Party plan (3,900 yen) is recommended if you are lost. You can also add an all-you-can-drink option for an additional ¥ 1,800 here.


Osteria original
To create an atmosphere

It means "Japanese-style pub" in Italian.

I think that there are a lot of people who seem to have some high-class image when saying Italian, but in our shop, we create a space with the concept of being able to enjoy casually.

Enjoy your favorite food and wine in a homely atmosphere.